DAVM Tablo

Technical specifications and dimensions

  • DAVM Tablo
  • DAVM Tablo

  • BD-4 Model Pneumatic Roller has an esthetic look. The chassis of the roller are manufactured from platinum highly resistant to load and it is easy to dismount the housing covers.
  • The gears are GG-26 quality cast and they are manufactured resistant to high speed rotations.
  • The gearbox is manufactured in order to prevent lubricant leakages. The gears are lubricated from top by means of a special mechanism in the gearbox.
  • The lever of the roller balls are conical and the bearing system is collar-free and conical-roller connection. The bearings are special-cast and they are manufactured in order to bear the milling pressure. The bearings are capable to move forward and backward by means of the pushing force of the air piston.
  • Assembly and disassembly of the roller bearings, frames, cylinders, gears and etc. are performed by hydraulic pressure of special accessories.