Double Layer Roller

DAVM Tablo

Technical specifications and dimensions

  • DAVM Tablo
  • DAVM Tablo

  • These rollers with BD-8, Eight (8) balls, the ball mechanisms with dual power connection are directly installed one over another. All other parts of the roller have been tested and very good efficiencies and results in respect of flour production techniques have been acquired. No changes have been made compared to the pneumatic rollers.
  • Two milling processes without any interim element are performed here. In the BD-8 roller, there are respectively the B1/B2 and C1/C2 passages. By this way, the optimum milling quality is adjusted. It is possible to obtain the grain size and lower ash rates through the performances over 65% of normal milling process which can be obtained by dual milling. The water absorption capacity of the product also increases due to strong crush.
  • The price advantages acquired by using BD-8 roller with eight (8) balls is more economical than two rollers with 4 balls. This process requires less investment because the surface of the used sieve is half and half lower. The same saving is valid for the pneumatic vacuum. Furthermore, automatic air adjustment valves are used for the pneumatic air vacuum of the main passages. By this way, it is ensured that the factory runs efficiently. The filter surface and engine power requirement become lower by means of less air. Furthermore, the investments are decreased by reducing the pneumatic pipe requirements by decreasing sieve surfaces. In other words, using the rollers with 8 balls approximately provides 6.5% economy in all systems.